• Do you struggle with acne and breakouts?
  • Are you unhappy with your skin’s color, texture and overall look?
  • Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and are you frustrated, tired and upset that nothing has helped?

I get it, and I’ve lived it firsthand for years! I want to give you hope again that there really is an answer, but it has nothing to do with what mainstream media and doctors have told you. Sure there are products out there that minimize symptoms, but all they’re doing is postponing the inevitable. When the skin appears irritated in one form or another, it is crying out for help. It’s literally trying to tell you that something internally is not right. Addressing it topically will not help in the long term battle.

My approach to addressing skin troubles and getting your confidence back is looking inside for the answers. In the beginning, this is the biggest and most important place to start. What we consume dictates the health of our skin. There is no getting around this; we must eat real whole foods to give our body and skin what it’s asking for to heal permanently. Although I respect each person’s bio-individuality, I will often begin by implementing a non-inflammatory diet that limits and eventually omits inflammatory foods, so you can give your body the best chance to heal. Schedule a complimentary phone consultation to get started!

Below is an example of a low inflammatory and healing diet for general health and wellness.


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