Histamine Intolerance, Fermented Foods and Acne


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Are histamine causing foods contributing to your acne?


This is a guest post I did for the Healthy Home Economist.

We have known since the 1930’s that beneficial bacteria, especially Lactobacillus acidophilus found in fermented foods, can help heal intestinal permeability. This condition is better known as leaky gut. The research clearly shows that foods rich in probiotics are an essential component in maintaining clear skin and avoiding problems with acne.

But what about those with histamine intolerance?

This condition, in fact, may be an important caveat to watch out for with regard to consumption of fermented foods and those prone to skin breakouts.

Although we know fermented foods can be extremely beneficial to health, for some that are sensitive to histamine, it may be the reason your skin won’t clear. Read the full article here, as well as see the list of foods that are highest in histamine.

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