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Genetically Modified organisms, often called genetically engineered (GE). The correct scientific term is “transgenics.” This is a process whereby the genes of one species are inserted into another species.

Even if you have never heard the term GMO, it is not hard to see how creepy and wrong this definition sounds. Obviously this was never natures intention for food. Imagine what this does to your body and own DNA!

Did you know that the same company that makes the chemical poison Round- Up to kill weed and grass is the same company responsible for spaying our food with insecticides, pesticides AND responsible for the invention of the GMO seed (It cant be good news). Think about it folks, this stuff is poison and in no amounts should the government allow this to be sprayed on the food we consume. This compromises every food safety law that is suppose to be protecting us!

A large and growing body of scientific research and on-the-ground experience indicate that GMOs fail to do what proponents claim and instead GM crops:

-can be toxic, allergenic or less nutritious than their natural counterparts

-can disrupt the ecosystem, damage vulnerable wild plant and animal populations and harm biodiversity

-increase chemical inputs (pesticides, herbicides) over the long term

-deliver yields that are no better, and often worse, than conventional crops

-cause or exacerbate a range of social and economic problems

-are laboratory-made and, once released, harmful GMOs cannot be recalled from the environment.

This Fall, we California’s have the chance to put GMO labeling on the ballot for 2012!
We should have the right to choose what we want to put in our bodies, but as of now are not able to because we cant know which foods they are in since they are not currently labeled. It’s a basic consumer right to ask  for- given the conflicting data and our mistrust in an industry that has been proven to hide negative findings, we have the right to know what we are buying and putting in our children’s mouths.
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